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KLAUPPK-Surveying Drone: Centimeter Accuracy, Fast, Efficient!

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Forget about Ground Control Points and Surveying Troops!

Whether generating a photogrammetric 3D model of a building for BIM purposes, areal surveying or volume determination in mining: DJI’s-INSPIRE2  equipped with the KLAUPPK-direct georeferencing system will provide you accuracies of at least three centimeters in X/Y/Z!

Our System – Superior Technology for Your Demanding Tasks

  • precise surveying results, 3 cm absolute X/Y/Z
  • image resolution ca. 3,5 cm/Pix at 100 meters flying altitude
  • no ground station required: no system outages due to missed trigger position caused e.g. from radio signal loss due to radio signal shading like RTK-systems
  • no mobile (GMS, LTE) coverage required to receive reference coordinate data
  • significantly higher accuracy of reference data compared to RTK-HEPS (2-3 cm HEPS vs. 1 cm PPK-GPPS)
  • no need to walk inside the surveying area
  • no additional effort from placing GCP marks and terrestrial surveying.
  • reduced risk of UAV failure due to redundancy of critical systems (IMU, compass, barometer, flight battery) and redundant PMW-Signalführung. Reduced risk of collision by various „Sense and Avoid“ systems
  • extended flight time (up to ca. 25 min) per pair of flight batteries
  • high hourly throughput: up to 40 ha/h (standard area surveying)

How Does PPK Direct-Georeferencing Work?

KLAUPPK’s  system (PPKPost Processed Kinematic) is a symbiosis based on highest precision GNSS technology, software development and methodology.

This enabling technology captures the geo position of the camera’s focal point in the center of exposure and determines its absolute coordinates with an accuracy of  (3) centimeters  X/Y/Z. In order to achieve this, the system records the received satellite data very precises with the center of exposure output pulse. After the mission the data will be corrected using a VRS or CORS reference data network (e.g. SAPOS GPPS). In order to further reduce inaccuracies, a coordintae point close to, or within the surveying field will be choosen and serves as a virtual reference station (VRS).  Referenced to this point, the acquired data will be provided in the standardized RINEX format and can be directly processed in the KLAUPPK software. Finally the software assigns the correct geo coordinates to every image taken. You can either directly geotag your images or export the coordinate file separately.

The knowledge of the camera’s optical parameters is another key factor, for precise results. KLAUPPK, a proven expert in this area supplies modified and calibrated cameras for  full integration into the system and workflow from manufacturers like e.g. DJI.

Last but not least the KLAUPPK-software corrects all your recorded GNSS camera coordinates using the reference data either from the VRS/CORS network or from your local base station. At the same time it also implements the lever arm correction and outputs the precise camera geo positions in many global or local coordinate and geoid systems. Processing the image and positioning data into point clouds, 3D models, ortho mosaics etc. is straight forward without any need for further coordinate system transformation. Camera calibration data will be supplied fitting most applications.

Surveying Drone

The DJI-INSPIRE2 is a multirotor drone, leaving not many wishes open! It is uncomplicated to fly and is equipped for safe operations. Besides well designed sense and avoid technology for avoiding any collisions this work tool has all critical systems installed redundant. Not just the power supply featuring two intelligent flight batteries enables safe landing even if one batteries dies immediately but important flight systems such as IMU and compass are there twice. Even the wiring to the motors has been installed over two independent passes. The lightweight construction with a max. take-off weight of 4.0 kgs does even not require a specific operation permit in Germany for use in non restricted areas.

The images are taken by a Zenmuse X4S camera, comprising a  1″ sensor and is KLAUPPK modified and calibrated, giving you a virtually distortion free optical instrument. It is connected to the PPK unit, sitting underneath the aircraft’s body just behind the gimbal. The PPK electronics a literally carbon fiber „black box“ also gets connected to the high end helix GNSS antenna. Power supply is handled independent from the UAV battery through little 5V USB power bank. Altogether less than 300 grams light, without a significant negative effect on the flight time. Data are recorded onto a microSD card, inserted into the card slot integrated in the black box, making data transfers to your computer simple. Due to the separation of UAV and PPK system any negative influence of the air system can be excluded. Regardless whether you trigger your camera automatically using waypoint navigation through your mission planner or manually while surveying a historic building facade: The PPK system records every trigger event.

KLAUPPK-INSPIRE2 Product Information

Please contact us for additional information! Your personal contact, Stefan Warislohner is looking forward to your call at +49 8104 8889810, your email info@videographics.de, ore most convenient, just use the contact form below!

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