The ultimatie  “All Inclusive, All In One“ Workshop, October  15. – 17. 2019 in Munich /Sauerlach

Our three day professional course “Precise Aerial Surveying”  will start again in October and is tailored towards engineers and technicians in the mapping and surveying business.

The Paradigm Change in Aerial Mapping – Highest Possible Accuracy and Efficiency without GCPs


Yes, you a right: All Inclusive, All In One!

This three day practical training combines three workshops in one: Besides getting you up to speed  regarding the foundation of photogrammetry, we will show you the required technologies and workflows in order to excel in direct georeferencing with KLAUPPK, currently the most accurate and complete GNSS system, where GCPs (Ground Control Points) are not required any more. We will show you in detail the processing of  imagery and position data from a – if weather conditions allow for –  live drone exercise with our  AIR6-SURVEYOR surveying UAS in Agisoft Metashape PRO.

You will learn about camera systems suitable for aerial surveys, get a lot of background for proper settings and see how to program UAS missions in different applications. Of course we have a lot of practical tips for you in order to run your future UAS surveying projects with the highest accuracy possible while maximizing efficiency.

As part of the training  you not just only will be witnessing a drone, performing an aerial survey , but also e.g. how to acquire and integrate the necessary correction data into the workflow, what options are available for coordinate system transformation or what needs to be taken into account for converting height data.

Processing of the imagery and position data in  Agisoft Metashape Pro always accounts for exciting curiosity, since we demonstrate why the absence of GCPs for the point cloud generation – under specific circumstances  –  improves the accuracy significantly.

Now, secure your seat an benefit already in your next project from reducing your effort while achieving increased accuracy and reliability of your aerial survey results.

And, if you or your enterprise currently is not sure whether to step into UAS- surveying: With us, you will get comprehensive, first jhand bundled with impressive live  examples – targeted for your best decision!

3 in 1 – All Inclusive:

Foundation: Photogrammetry,  Mission Planning etc.
KLAUPPK highly accurate direct georeferencing,
Agisoft Metashape Pro

and  AIR6 SURVEYOR surveying flight.

Here, you will find further information and our contact form for registration.