Thermografie, Drohnen Thermografie Videographics

Drone IR Thermal Imaging

Fast and accurate detection of heat losses and  leaks

  • skilled and certified thermographers
  • according to norms
  • without extra effort (e.g. scaffold)
  • from a safe distance (e.g. explosion control zones)
  • holistic detection
  • fast and uncomplicated
  • radiometric thermal camera for qualified analysis and reporting

Search for leaks and heat losses in buildings, leak detection of pipelines, or regular inspection of long distance heat lines below the road’s surface are a few use cases enabled by the professional use of an IR thermal  camera carried by a drone!

We exclusively utilize a radiometric thermal camera with a high resolution IR sensor, scanning per measurement  640 x 512 points (pixel). With a drone, serving as a flying tripod, we reach areas which could otherwise only be investigated after the installation of e.g. a scaffold. In addition we can change the angle of view or  the distance to the measured object within just seconds.

Energy loss caused by deteriorated insulation in electrical installations or in pipelines are not only “just” a cost factor. Further more,  apparent moisture e.g. caused by insufficient water protection of a pipeline which in the long term is causing corrosion, can be easily detected before the issue starts to generate leaks which may end up in dangerous damage and expensive repair.

Everywhere, where a defect causes a local temperature change at the surface, we can viduaslöizr the invisible. We recognize most reliable temperature deviations of just very few Kelvin (°C).

Thanks to digital FullHD image transmission form the camera to the ground monitor we see the thermal image already in real time during the flight operation. This enables us to visualize issues already during the flight in real times.

Reliable Results

Next to the quality of the utilized thermal camera, the experience and expertise in conducting a thermographic analysis play an exceptional important role. Whether operating the IR thermal camera or doing the analysis of the radiometric images: All these duties are done by thermographers, certified according to ISO 18436-7. Additionally we collaborate with IR thermal imaging specialized company HaWe Engineering GmbH, who’s specialists are even involved in generating norms and guidelines on an European level.

Examples for Utilizing Drone Thermography

  • Inspection:
    • electrical power lines / insulators
    • industrial plants
    • pipelines (steam, cooling agents, fluids)
    • long distance heat lines below the road’s surface
  • Detection:
    • defective thermal insulations
    • heat leaks of buildings
    • leaks e.g. from flat roof constructions
    • Leaks of pipelines
    • Detection of animals (Farming, Forestry)
  • Support of Safety forces (fire fighters)

Do not leave leak detection and other issues to chance! With our multicopter thermal imaging we will find issues on time which otherwise would only be detected by accident!

We have the solution for you!

For the states of Bayern (Bavaria) and Baden-Württemberg we already have all required flight permissions and additional exceptions from most residual restrictions, allowing for fast responses on your requests. In most cases we do not have to wait for individual permissions and can act quickly and flexible to fulfill your order.