Powerful Tools for Highest Precision and Efficiency

Aerial surveying and mapping have been one of the first applications for dedicated use of UAS. In the meantime, many UAV manufacturers have developed their own integrated mapping systems including payload, mapping app and often photogrammetry processing. Countless UAVs and payloads entered the market and often, after just a short period, disappeared again.

As the global aerial mapping market seems to be gigantic, even the photogrammetry software market is continuously growing and easy-to-use apps are attracting industries and individuals to enter this business.

We have been working on improving our own aerial surveying and mapping processes for quite some time and now we can recommend a great set of tools: Almost independent from the UAV and suitable for many cameras with a global /mechanical shutter. Starting with semiprofessional cameras like a Sony a6000 up to a Phase One high end middle format camera. Videographics offers workshops for professionals who are looking for highly accurate results and improved efficiency, including relevant background information linked to the practical details on the overall process route.

When we started our cooperation with Australia based KLAU Geomatics on their UAV-independent KLAUPPK system in early 2018, it immediately became obvious that this technology provided a paradigm shift in aerial photogrammetry.  Getting away from the need of ground control points (GCPs) while enhancing the overall accuracy with residuals being less than 3 centimeters, even on the Z-axis. Now, having the best in class center of image coordinates determination along with a precise camera calibration (optical properties of the camera & lens) were the absolute game changers, but only if the photogrammetry software accepts the input of the data without requesting a ground control reference. Just recently KLAUPPK – users in Japan have been relieved from the legal need of having GCPs in place, even for official mapping missions.


Agisoft Metashape Professional offers most robust and rigorous photogrammetric processing ideally suited for computing the most precise and reliable 3D point clouds, hence offering flexible process routes according to available input data sets. The developers of the St. Petersburg, Russia based company, stringently apply the rule of collinearity and the mathematics of the bundle (block) adjustment as the software’s backbone.  With different licenses available, their value proposition is quite outstanding as they guarantee free updates at least until V1.9, which is at least three years ahead. Agisoft LLC is very responsive e.g. regarding new feature integration. An important need for professional point cloud editing and measurement is real 3D stereoscopic view:  Schneider Digital, an established partner for the “big players” in photogrammetry and GIS, like ESRI, DATEM, Hexagon and Trimble, also is the development partner of Agisoft for real 3D stereoscopic imaging. Besides the very impressing 3D viewing capability, which has been implemented already in Metashape 1.5, now the Z-functionality for a certified controller (Stealth Z-mouse) was already demonstrated with the pre-release of version 1.6.3 and will be officially available very soon.

Miesbach (Germany) based Schneider Digital, is the world leader in passive 3D stereo-workstations and displays. With the introduction of the 3D PluraView technology, Schneider was able to significantly improve 3D image quality and brightness while eliminated at the same time tiring and awesome working conditions with active shutter goggles in a dark room. As dedicated to 3D visualizing applications, Schneider Digital has generated all the knowhow and experience necessary to configure the optimum hardware with maximum performance. Their PULSARON workstation design is not just ready for future upgrades, providing long term value and sustainability, but it is tailored and tested to the desired application, e.g. Metashape.

Great Hard- and Software does not really mean a lot if your drone does not capture the images where you want them to be taken. There are many apps out: Some come from the drone manufacturers as part of the UAS, others are 3rd party’s “give away” to be mainly used and work best with just their product like software or services.

Unfortunately, there is always something missing and usually, workarounds are hard to find, but fortunately, there is Riga (Latvia) based SPH Engineering, who are probably the developers of the world’s most advanced mission planning and execution tool.

Universal Ground Control Software supports most UAVs – rotor, fixed wings and VTOL-, has already a large variety of payloads integrated but enables users to even configure their UAV profile and add payloads as needed. Emulators and Simulator options help especially for critical missions to test the plan safely!

The main advantage over most APP-versions, however is, that UGCS already has a terrain model integrated which allows the UAV to follow the earth’s surface. It is easily possible to replace the default terrain model by either generating one through a quick flight or easily import a surface model. Other than most apps, the mission planning is done on a PC using a mouse, which reduces a lot of pain while trying to exactly set waypoints with a finger on a small smartphone screen. With the most recent version 3.6 UGCS for DJI – the app which is required to connect to DJI remote controllers – SPH has now made available also for iOS devices.

We are happy to support you through our deep knowledge and technology network to, getting the best solution for your business. Our workshops and professional coaching get you up to speed immediately for generating the most accurate data sets and products coupled with a very high degree of efficiency.

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