Inspektionsflüge mit Drohnen, Drohnenflüge

Drone Inspection Flights

Maximum Detail at Most Reasonable Effort for Your Decision

  • quickly available
  • comparably low cost
  • real time imagery on ground with FullHD-transmission
  • up to 36 MP/image*)
  • millimeter resolution
  • no additional effort (e.g. scaffold, industrial climbers)
  • easy documentation of changes through repeated flights

High cost and significant effort. This is what maintenance teams, project leaders  and  developers and real estate managers have to expect as it comes to inspection and  appraisal of constructions which are hard to access.  Especially if scaffolds have to be installed or industrial climbers have to get on site. Inspection flights enable the broad and complete picture – quickly, without a lot of trouble and quite flexible.

High-Tech for Your fast Overview

Professional, detailed images, are delivered by our octocopter und our camera with a full frame sensor directly at site. Whether recording 36MP*) images or Full HD videos a live view through the lens in Full HD-quality at the ground is always included, of course. For difficult missions like flying very close to buildings we use an UAS with sophisticated “sense and avoid” technology, enabling safe operation up to about 3 meters  distance to the object.. Our 360 degree rotating cameras we can provide image resolutions down to a millimeter level. Additional we also can record 4K videos.

As an additional option, we also could determine and document precisely the camera location with centimeter accuracy for every single image if required.

Thanks to high-tech sensors and intelligent technology we are even able to fly and inspect inside larger buildings, while you are viewing simultaneously what the drone’s eye sees live on our HD screen.

Typical Areas of Operation:

  • appraisals of buildings and constructions e.g. pillars, stacks, cooling towers, power line masts, roofs, church towers etc.
  • inspection of open field plants e.g. in the chemical or petrol industry to support preventive maintenance activities, shutdown considerations, documentation
  • inspection of wind power plants regarding contamination and defects of the blades
  • damage documentation

Benefit from the Synergies of our Systems!

Besides taking additional images, recording 4K or Full HD video we also have technologies and experiences available to generate  highly precise photogrammetric 3D analysis. Starting with aerial imagery we generate in the most effective way 3D models of buildings or terrain wit an absolute accuracy of better 3 cm, without the need of including ground control points. This also enables us to quickly calculate areas and volumes. Additional information is available here!

For the states of Bayern (Bavaria) and Baden-Württemberg we already have all required flight permissions and additional exceptions from most residual restrictions, allowing for fast responses on your requests. In most cases we do not have to wait for individual permissions and can act quickly and flexible to fulfill your order.

*) For IP protection reasons we highly recommend the use of UAS-independent sensors (we provide 36 and 24 MP camera systems), since the image data can’t be accessed through third parties via obligated internet connections of the UAS for regular firmware updates!