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Surveying Drone for Maximum Precision and Efficiency

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DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO V 2.0 with KLAUPPK-Geo Referencing

The highly precise and easy to handle UAV surveying technology from Australia based geo data specialist KLAUPPK is now available in Germany and EU as a ready-to-fly surveying solution, including a DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO V 2.0 drone.

We increase your efficiency: Forget about ground controls while increasing precision: With this system you will achieve absolute accuracy of 3 centimeters X/Y/Z in your final survey product!

Product Highlights

A complete system, out of the box, ready to fly, to capture high accuracy photos for the best possible photogrammetry products.

  • The KLAUPPK modified and calibrated PHANTOM 4  PRO V2.0 camera module, an incredible camera for photogrammetry. Leaf shutter, large format sensor, no moving parts, calibrated and virtually distortion free.
  • The KLAUPPK system, tuned to capture precise camera event timing for the most accurate positioning with Novatel 7 Series GNSS.
  • The DJI PHANTOM 4 PRO V 2.0, value packed, safe platform including sophisticated sense and avoid sensor systems.
  • KLAUPPK software
  • Support to get you up and running with installation, operations, PPK data processing and photogrammetry processing.

Product Description

The KLAUPPK PHANTOM 4 PRO V 2.0 Read-to-Fly System includes the UAV, a calibrated camera module integrated with the KLAUPPK system for precise aerial surveying and mapping.

The calibrated PHANTOM 4 PRO V 2.0 camera includes :

  • precise centre of exposure time output pulse
  • calibration certificate

KLAUPPK modified cameras are factory calibrated. We supply the calibration details to go straight into your photogrammetry software, enabling the highest quality 3D mapping possible.

The KlauPPK system includes:

  • 555 channel all-constellation multi-frequency positioning solution including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and IRNSS L1/L2/L5 powered by Novatel OEM 7 series
  • Optional multi-channel L-Band support for TerraStar correction services
  • Advanced interference visualization and mitigation features
  • Lightweight L1/L2 GPS/Glonass antenna
  • Mounting kit and power supply
  • KlauPPK processing software to process your high accuracy photo centre coordinates, manage camera calibration, apply IMU and 3D lever arm corrections, geotag photos with 3cm accuracy XYZ or create a coordinate file in any local site or global coordinate system and geoid.

You will need to run a ground base station if you don’t have access to the VRS or CORS network. You can use a survey grade GNSS receiver by setting it  to collect data at 1Hz in Rinex format.

Our Commitment

Benefit from our experience in the area of UAV ppk surveying. Since early 2018 we operate an KLAUPPK -INSPIRE 2 surveying drone and generated lots of exciting practical experience. Through our cooperation with the excellent specialists from KLAUPPK we are now able to offer you the KLAUPPK-INSPIRE 2, a product taylormade for your needs of modern UAV aerial surveying in Germany and Europe at very attractive conditions!

You are looking for a PPK-DG-System to fit your existing DJI or Intel drone? Serving as sales and technical partner for KLAUPPK , we are happy to help you and talk about options as well as other ready-to-fly complete systems.

We are looking forward to your call at +49 8104 888 98 10 , your email at, or most convenient just fill in the contact form at the end of this page!

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