Videographics Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH starts sale of KLAUPPK UAV-systems in Germany and EU!

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Just in time for the UAV aerial surveying season 2018, Videographics makes the highly precise and easy to use UAV surveying technology from Australian based geo data specialist KLAU Geomatics available in Germany and Europe. Equipped to just go and start surveying, a ready to fly value packed complete system, is available already for less than 15,000* Euro.

KLAUPPK, founded by Robert Klau and located near Sydney, develops and manufactures PPK-DG systems (Post Processed Kinematic –Direct Georeferencing), which offer superior precision for 3D aerial surveying combined with virtually no additional effort in the field and a streamlined workflow for data processing.

For practical use that means: No ground control points (GCPs) which need to be distributed in the field and recollected, no additional effort due to ground survey troops and results with an accuracy of 5 cm or even better X/Y/Z

This technology, developed by KLAUPPK is a combination of hardware, software and methodology.



For precise photogrammetric results, two factors are most important: Accuracy of the camera’s absolute focal point location at the time an image is taken and the optical parameters of camera.

The highly accurate detection of the absolute focal point position needs a highly precise GNSS system as well as an effective, so called lever arm correction: During the flight of the UAV, the UAV’s flight attitude changes dynamically, causing a dynamic change of the distances between the GNSS antenna and the focal point. This has to be recorded in order to calculate the lever arm correction.

Using the processing software which is free with the system’s purchase, the recorded data from the flight (position and lever arm data) will be corrected, using a VRS or CORS network..

As a result, the coordinates are available for geotagging your images with an accuracy of 3 cm X/Y/Z. In areas, where a VRS or CORS network is not available, you need to run a GNSS base station on a known position. Any survey grade receiver can be used if it is capable of recording the data with at least 1 Hz in RINEX format.

Basically, this technology is available for adaption on to a large variety of UAVs However, the lever arm correction seems to be a main challenge, since the attitude data need to be available from the UAV’s IMU.

While this technology could be integrated in most UAVs, KLAUPPK’s serial available products are focusing on leading UAV producers, DJI und INTEL. For selected UAVs, the PPK-DG integration works very reliable and is highly competitive. Looking at professional UAVs from DJI, besides the Matrice 200/210 models, the Inspire 2 seems to be the best choice.

Both, the DJI Matrice M200/210 as well as the DJI Inspire 2 are using a Zenmuse X4s camera, every unit individually calibrated and modified by KLAUPPK. The modified camera, compared to an original DJI X4s, shows a little cable, connected to the camera. Klau has managed to read out the center of image impulse and the attitude values from the gimbal, which are based on the IMU data. This camera is a great choice for photogrammetric products: it is virtually distortion free and does not have any moving parts influencing the optical parameters.

A large format 1” sensor, 20MP resolution and a focal length of 24mm: This camera is not a compromise at all! Furthermore, it is a well-balanced symbiosis of high resolution, detail and data volume.

We have added the Inspire 2 – PPK to our UAV fleet in February and are absolutely encouraged and excited from the first results as well form the ease of use!


With just below 4kg take-off weight, the flight time of the Inspire 2-PPK is about  25 minutes, even at temperatures around freezing. For operation of the UAV the DJI GO 4.0 App is used, for planning and operating aerial surveying flights the new DJI GSP (Ground Station Pro) serves as an easy to use and accurate mission planner. This UAV is equipped with a variety of redundant flight systems like dual flight batteries including batterie heaters for low temperature missions, two IMUs, compasses or redundant motor wiring. The Inspire 2 is certified to reliably hold its position up to 10m/sec wind speeds. Substantial sense and avoid technology ensures safe operation and reduces the risk of collision.

Besides the Inspire 2 + Zenmuse X4s, as well as the Matrice 200 + Zenmuse X4s “RTF” systems, currently the following KLAUPPK integration kits are available for the listed UAVs.

Inspire 1 (X3) Falcon 8 / Falcon 8+
(camera integration via flash shoe)
Inspire-2 (X4s) Mavinci Sirius
(camera integration via flash shoe)
Matrice 600
(camera integration via flash shoe)
Matrice 100 (X3)


Matrice 200/210 (X4s)


*) Day price excl. VAT. Please, ask for your personal deal!

We are looking forward to demonstrate and explain the system more in detail to you! Please feel free to contact us by phone +49 8104 8889810 or email!

We looking forward to you!


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