KLAUPPK becomes official Benchmark for UAV-Aerial Mapping in Asia

Press Release from May 14, 20202

Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism have re-written their UAV capture specifications based on results using KlauPPK technology. The “Guideline for work-type management using aerial photogrammetry (earthwork)” specifies the procedures to be used to perform aerial surveys. Until now, surveyors were required to “set up control points every 100 m”. When KlauPPK technology is deployed, the use of GCPs is now optional. The tests conducted by GeoLink Japan proved that +/- 5cm XYZ accuracy can be achieved without GCPs, as verified with check points. This improves the work efficiency and productivity across sites in Japan, including public works.

“Klau Geomatics is proud to be a part in this shift in acceptance of new technology” says Rob Klau, Director. “Correct use of PPK and PPP can greatly improve accuracy compared to traditional methods relying on GCPs.”