Flight Planning – Mission-Planning

Get More Out of Your Drone with Universal Ground Control Software – UgCS

  • outstanding functionality
  • UgCS-for DJI: Android and NEW iOS based mission planner
  • supports most UAVs and Autopilot-systems
  • broad way point options
  • New! way point functionality to survey facades, vertical flight planes, and corridor mapping
  • One mission planning tool for your entire fleet
  • UgCS PRO is a part of our user workshop “Applied Photogrammetry”
  • personal after sales support through us
  • multiple license options

Flight planning software and ground station UgCS PRO excels through it’s versatility and options. If you use the the system as ground station with a separate data link and the RC, the system already is a fully redundant remote control system. Manual take over through the RC to gain full manual control is possible within a fraction of a second.

Import of elevation data  allows to plan contour flights in order to maintain a certain altitude above ground (AGL). This is indispensable for UAV missions for photogrammetric, LiDAR, Magnetometer measurements etc. Way point planning for linear or area flights featuring local altitude control in order to enable a constant distance to ground  is a necessary tool for safe surveying and inspection.

Safe Time and Money

There is no reason to deal with a variety of mission planning software. UgCS supports most UAV-Systems. Import and way point planning on imported KML data safes up to 50% of time! No days of travel! Through quick consolidation of the imagery taken at a flight with the offline application UgCS Mapper (can be purchased separately) you can check the quality of your data even before leaving the site.

Increase Your Mapping Productivity

Double your productivity in collecting data with the photogrammetric planning tools. Plan and fly your mission without internet connection. Thanks to the map caching option in the software, you even could map the desert. Fly long routes and resume your mission on the last waypoint finished.

Higher Flight Safety

Through utilizing pre installed or imported DEM data with higher accuracy, more precise data can be collected from the UAV while the flight safety is increased at the same time. You can define geo fencing and no fly zones in order to comply with local regulations.

Supported UAVs and Autopilot-Systems:

DJI: Phantom 4/4 Pro/4 Pro V2, Phantom 3, Inspire 2, Inspire 1/1 Pro/Raw, Mavic Pro, A3, N3, Matrice 600/600 Pro, Matrice 200/210/210RTK, Matrice 100, Ace One; Ardupilot, Px4 and other MAVLink compatible multirotors, fixed wings and VTOLs; YUNEEC: H520; Mikrokopter; Micropilot; Microdrones; LockheedMartin: Kestrel, Indago.

Prices: UgCS (excl. VAT):

perpetual licenses:

UgCS PRO /Workstation: 535,00 € add. 108,00 € / Year starting after 12 months for Updates and email-Support

UgCS Enterprise: / Workstation 1785,00 € add. 357,00 € / Year starting after 12 months for Updates and email-Support

For further Information, please see the website of SPH Engineering!