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AGISOFT METASHAPE intuitive – precise – complete

  • highly accurate and detailed results
  • fully automated intuitive workflow
  • GPU  acceleration for faster results
  • stereoscopic measurements for precise point determination 
  • integrate LiDAR workflows via point cloud import
  • export resulting products in a variety of common formats
  • aerial and near field photogrammetric triangulation 
  • step by step camera alignment
  • dense point cloud computation and automatic  point classification
  • geo referencing via GNSS log data or GCPs
  • we will get you up to speed with personal support

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Standard Edition:  170,00 € (excl VAT) Professional Edition: 3.250,00 € (excl. VAT) please contact us for further license options!

Agisoft METASHAPE  is an autonomous software product for rigorous photogrammetric processing of digital image data and generates spatial 3D data for use in geo-information systems, documentation in monument protection, visual effect productions as well as for remote measurement of objects regardless of size.

Digital photogrammetry technology in combination with computer vision technology leads into highly integrated and advanced automated processes, which on one hand allows photogrammetry newcomers an easy entry while at the other side specialist get a great tool into their hands to align workflows and data with demanding requirements. A variety of existing case studies have proven that METASHAPE delivers highly accurate and demanding results.

Agisoft METASHAPE, a Software Solution Utilizing Top Line Technology

This software has been designed for rigorous photogrammetric processes in order to achieve industrial grade results and relies on self-learning technologies for post processing tasks and analyses.

Based on imagery from RGB or multi-spectral cameras, as well as from multi camera systems, dense point clouds, textured polygonal models, georeferenced “real” orthomosaics  and  terrain / elevation models are computed. Post process steps allow to eliminate shadows and texturing flaws, to calculate vegetation indices for precision farming maps or the automated point cloud classification.

Quick and highly accurate

METASHAPE, developed by Agisoft  based on state of the art technology enables fast processing while achieving  at the same time the highest possible precision. (Aerial Imaging up to 3 cm, near field up to 1 mm)

Local or Cloud Processing

Agisoft METASHAPE, thanks to it’s ‘distributed processing functionality’ can handle projects with over 50,000 photos. Alternatively any project can be processed in the cloud, reducing investments for demanding and hardware. All processing options are available in both cloud and local equally.

Intuitiv User Interface & Stereo Mode Option

With the software you’ll get a linear but quite intuitive project based workflow, which does not set any specific requirements for the user, while photogrammetric experts benefit from additional options like stereo mode and hold the entire control of the resulting accuracy in their hands. In addition a detailed processing report is available at any step of the process.

Improved Photogrammetry-Engine with Precise Statistical Assessment

The photogrammetry engine of the METASHAPE software has been developed for a large variety of sensors like fish-eye cameras, spherical cameras or multi camera systems. As a new add on,  “Slave Offset Reference“ has been implemented to further increase the accuracy of result.

In order to process data form consumer cameras even better, METASHAPE in addition to the already known  „Rolling Shutter“-compensation has been further improved to generate higher accuracy even with unstable inner orientation parameters.

In order to analyse the reliability of the results values for co-variances of all BBA parameters  (internal and external orientation, GPS/IMU offset, slave-sensor tie points) can be displayed.

Classical Photogrammetry with User Friendly Interface

METASHAPE offers the option for manual vectorization within the stereo mode by using either using an anaglyph glasses or a special 3D-monitor, if required. Thanks to the options in METASHAPE it is possible to select and safe stereo image pairs to avoid unintended image changes. The new „Smart-Seam Line“-function enables to route semalines around buildings or other objects in order to build seamless orthomosaics based on DEMs.

Moderne Post Processing Tools for Your Application

METASHAPE is capable to eliminate shadows and texture artifacts from your models, to calculate vegetation indices inn order to provide information as base for precision farming. The new semantic classification of 3D point clouds supports significantly the generic interpretation of the scanned data. Introducing self learning functionalities, Metashape 1.5 enables automatic point cloud classification in classes like soil, vegetation, building, roads, vehicles etc.

Local / Working in a Network / Cloud

METASHAPE has been designed and optimized  for use with multi-core CPUs and multi-GPUs to enable fast processing and results. Furthermore the so called Distributed Processing within a HPC Cluster supports end accelerates computation of data  intensive projects, too. METASHAPE has the cloud processing integrated in the application already- in order to avoid significant investments in computing hardware. There are multiple subscription options available.

Seamless Orthomosaics for Surveying and Mapping

METASHAPE is the perfect tool to process aerial imagery. The program’s functionality is being developed on a continues base, according to the needs of a rapid developing and growing UAV industry.

METASHAPE has been proven to be a highly professional tool to process data in development of dense point clouds and their classification to compute high demanding and detailed DEMs/DTMs as well as seamless, high resolution orthomosaics which can be easily exported for downstream applications and analysis Of course, reconstruction of highly precise orthogonal models of large objects is part of the application. Metashape is a central application within the GIS processing chain with the use of UAVs.

Individual definable calculation of vegetation indices for precision farming and environmental management tasks.

Highly accurate digital elevation models generated in Metashape are the basis for precise area and volume calculations for mining and disposal areas. As soon there is data from independent flight over a certain period of time, Metashape enables documentation of volume changes soil erosion or glacier observation. Automatic determination of un-coded GCP marks safes time and work especially in reoccurring inspection projects.

Support of Consumer Cameras for Archaeological Projects and Documentation

For archaeological projects photogrammetric approaches are getting increasing attention: For generating models or mapping of an excavation. Thnaks to the option to process imagery of almost any camera, Metashape is the preferred solution for archaeological projects, high up in the mountains or deep beyond the the sea surface. Applications span from mapping of vegetation pattern, hidden ruins through documentation and analysis of rock material.

Oblique Imagery for Architecture and Monument Preservation 

As proven by many projects, Metashape is a qualitatively high end tool for modelling buildings and facades.

Support to process oblique imagery, Metashape enables to reconstruct full buildings, which e.g. can be incorporated into VR-projects to visualize large, historical monuments.

3D models of damaged monuments and artifacts , generated with  Metashape are thanks to it’s outstanding reproduction accuracy a reliable basis for restoration.

The Highlights at a Glance:

  • highly precise and detailed results
  • fully automated, intuitive workflow
  • GPU acceleration for faster processing
  • network processing for larger projects
  • cloud processing – helps to reduce the need of your hardware investment
  • powerful „Standard-Edition“ for art work projects
  • simple result sharing via PDF, on the fly video export, direct upload
  • stereoscopic measurement for precise point determination
  • Digital-/Movie-/Video- and multi- camera support
  • compatible image processing for frame-, fish-eye-, spherical and cylindrical cameras
  • supports most EPSG codes, configurable vertical datums
  • OS: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
  • supports most UAVs
  • integrated LiDAR workflows via point cloud import
  • processing reporting and multiple export options
  • aerial and close range triangulation
  • step by step camera alignment
  • point cloud computing and automatic point cloud classification
  • DSM/DTM computing
  • true orthomosaic generation and transformation into a large variety of CRS
  • automatic seem line correction for traditional, DTM based orthomosaics
  • manual seam line correction
  • generation of contours (altitude)
  • geo referencing via GNSS-log data and/or GCPs
  • automatic detection of coded or non-coded targets
  • measurement of coordinates, distance, area and volume
  • multi spectral-image processing and computing of vegetation indices
  • texturing using different filters available (delighting, deghosting etc.)
  • 4D-reconstruction for dynamic scenes

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