Drone Surveying:
High Precision and Efficiency through PPK-Direct Georeferencing

PPK-Drone Surveying without GCPs and Surveying Troops on the Ground:
Precise  Fast  Efficient

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Generating a photogrammetric 3D model of a building, surveying an area or determining volumes in mining: With our PPK-multicopter drone we deliver absolute precise results of five centimeters or better in X/Y/Z to you!

Your Advantage:

  • precise surveying results of 5 cm absolute X/Y/Z
  • image eresolution of about 3.5 cm at max. flying altitude (100 m AGL)
  • no base station required: no negative effect on the system through radio connection breaks compared to RTK- systems
  • no mobile phone (GSM) coverage for online correction data service required
  • higher accuracy of correction data compared to RTK-HEPS (2-3 cm HEPS vs. 1 cm PPK-GPPS)
  • no need to walk inside the surveying area, no need for surveying troops, GCPs etc.
  • DJI Inspire 2 aerial system: high failure protection through redundancy of critical aircarft systems (IMU, compass, altimeter, batteries) and parallel wired PMW signals, collision risk reduced through advanced sense and avoid systems
  • long flight times  (up to 25 min) per battery set
  • high area throughput, up to 40 ha/h

How does this work?

Our PPK-system (Post Processed Kinematic), developed and manufactured by our technical partner KlauPPK enables to determine the geolocation of the camera’s focal point at the exact time of every image is taken within an accuracy of three (3) centimeters X/Y/Z.

During the flight, all actual satellite data is recorded with a millisecond accuracy. After the flight the data will be processes including the reference data acquired from the correction data service (Germany e.g. SAPOS GPPS) korrigiert. To keep the error as small as possible, a discretionary  coordinate point will be determined within the area of interest. This point serves as a so called virtual reference station (VRS). Based on this geolocation , the correction data are provided in the world wide standardized Rinex format for direct processing in the PhotoPPK software as part of the wholistic system. The refined and corrected position data will be assigned to the relevant images, widely known as geo tagging.

The second factor which is extremely important for precise results, is the knowledge of the camera’s optical parameters. KlauPPK is well experienced in this area and provides modified and calibrated cameras which integrate with both, the drone and the PPK system.

Our Equipment

For PPK drone surveying we use a DJI Inspire 2 combined with a Zenmuse X4S camera, modified and calibrated for downstream image processing in Agisoft PhotoScanPro by  KlauPPK. We just mount the PPK electronics, literally a carbon fiber „black box“ and the high precision helix GNSS-antenna to the drone. For the UAV-independent power supply a commercial 5V-USB powerbank battery is used. Altogether a little less than 300 grams light, it is not really affecting the overall flight time. Data will be recorded directly to a micro SD card which allows easy data transfer for processing. Due to the separation of Aircraft and PPK-system there is no influence on the air system, nor on the ground system. Regardless how you trigger the camera, using a mission planner or just manual while surveying a building: The PPK system just records every camera trigger.

We offer:  Drone based services and Supply of KLAU-PPK-Systems  

Benefit from our surveying services. As an engineering company we provide  „flying“ plus downstream processing of the achieved (image-)data. According to your needs and specifications we digitize e.g. orthophotos/-mosaics into your existing CAD-drawings etc.

You are considering your own PPK-DG-System? We are more than happy to show you the available KlauPPK  RTF-complete systems, or PPK systems which will fit your existing DJI or Intel drone. As the KlauPPK reseller in Germany, we offer KLAUPPK products and  DJI– based RTF-PPK-DG systems in Germany/Europe including training and support for the systems. We would be happy to get you a good deal and looking forward to your request! Contact us by phone +49 8104 888 98 10 , by email to info@videographics.de, or just use the contact form at the end of this page!

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