Luftbildvermessung, Präzisions-Luftbildvermessung, Drohnenflüge

Precise Aerial Surveying

Efficiency and Accuracy to achieve solid and reliable data

  • very high, absolute accuracy < 3 cm X Y Z
  • variable ground resolution (GSD) based on customer needs  1 – 3 cm
  • 3 x more accurate compared to RTK through PPK correction data
  • no need to hike the area
  • fast in the field, reproducible results

Unmanned aerial systems, especially multicopter-Systems with highly precise positioning in combination with high resolution metric and precise calibrated cameras enable the use of photogrammetric aerial surveying for countless applications. Being able to compute the precise position of every image point in the final result is the unbeatable advantage.

We utilize the most precise mapping technology available on the market, which does not need numerous ground control points (GCPs) in the field for getting accurate results. This is not only cutting the time at the site but also enables surveys in areas where you simply can not walk through like disposals, stockpiles of critical materials etc. In addition, our applied technology enables to measure points which cannot be surveyed from ground e.g. intersection of roofs and walls on the upper side of a building (Ger: Wandhöhe) etc.

Based on the magnitude of the project, the overall lead time from flight planning until the final processed data ranges from just a few hours until a few days.

Our accuracy with remaining uncertainties in the final result of less than three centimeter even in the height axis is quite impressive and is even achieved in remote areas where other systems fail due to the absence of sufficient LTE/4G/5G coverage.

Our process for precise aerial surveying results:

Based on the requested image resolution (GSD), using a dedicated mission planning software, we calculate based on lots of parameters flight altitude, flight path of the drone,  trigger positions, etc. With our toolbox we are capable to also get vertical areas, e.g. facades as well as standard horizontal areas mapped. In addition we can combine both to deliver complete 3D-Models and individual ortho views from almost any object on earth .

The point cloud computed from the flight data (e.g images, Positions etc.) is the basis to generate additional data: Wireframe and textured 3D models, digital elevation model (DEM) and orthomosaic which are the foundation for simple but precise area and volume calculations. All results and digitized elements can be easily exported in various standard formats for downstream applications such as GIS or CAD.

As we are partnering with most renowned global partners and serve also as a training center for precise aerial mapping we have the latest technology and knowledge to be applied in your projects!