Centimeter accuracy – reliable results! You will get there – with the right know how and adequate technology!

Individualized training – benefit from our online professional training options – we accomodate your time zone

Our user’s seminar “Precise Aerial Mapping” is offered worldwide, as an individualized online course / coaching – a proven concept since it has been set up during the Corona lockdown phase in Europe. Three training areas, Basics (1), Mission Planning (2) and Data Processing (3) are available, designed as a half day block, each (ca. 4 hours) and can be booked individually. We are dedicated to especially look into your topics and specific project needs. Our training content is widely flexibel, but framed by the three main topics.

For “newcomers” in the area of photogrammetric aerial mapping the training’s concept is an excellent basis to gain insight and overview of the basics, technology applied and know how necessary also supporting sound decision making with respect to investments and options.

Regardless, whether you are already in the drone mapping business or just trying to get familiarized with this subject:  We offer you an individually training and coaching experience, based on your requirements  – split into three digestible blocks:

Photogrammetry Basics / Foundation – You will receive the most relevant background information and we show you the different strategies leading to useful results – always related to the daily practice.

  • Photogrammetry – history, orientation, calculation basics and functions
  • Georeferencing using ground control points /GCPs) vs direct GNSS-georeferencing
  • Correction data –  acquiring and integration (direct georeferencing)
  • Coordinate systems, height models – geoids, transformation

Mission Planning with UGCS Professional – We show you how to plan image collecting flights effectively, combine missions and how to realistically test your plan on your computer, prior to launch your drone.

  • UAV and payload selection
  • Waypoint modes
  • Mission Planning using the photogrammetrie-, scan-, facade scan- und corridor mapping-tool
  • Insertion of individual defined way points
  • Integration of obstacles into your flight plan – definition of automatic swerve scenarios
  • Integration of custom height data (DEM)

We also offer to support other software tools (ArduPilot Mission Planner, DJI-Pilot oder GSP) on request!

Data Processing with Agisoft Metashape Professional – computing reliable results!

  • Data import
  • Direct georeferencing vs. GCP- referencing
  • Parameter setting in the software
  • Computed products (dense point cloud, 3D-model, height model, orthomosaic)
  • Digitizing in Metashape, computing area & volume
  • Data export and settings

We focus ourselves based on your needs: Basics, mission planning or data processing in Agisoft Metashape PRO – you can fully rely on our support!

Get your online training scheduled now! We are looking forward to your call @ +49 (0)8104 8889810, an email or most convenient with our contact form!

You will receive AERIAL MAPPING SOLUTIONS for your business or application in order to get you to the NEXT LEVEL PRECISION