Drone Operator License – Examination for German “Kenntnisnachweis”

Drone Operator License: Examination for the German “Kenntnisnachweis” according §21a LuftVO

  • legally required since 2017-10-01 for any UAS heavier than 2kg MTOW
  • prerequisite for any application for an operating permit – independent from the drone’s MTOW
  • duration of the exam: 90 minutes
  • 51 questions concerning: aerial legislation/air space structure, meteorology, operations and navigation
  • multiple choice
  • for any section 75% of the answers have to be accurate
  • exam is handled by CONDOR Multicopter & Drones GmbH
  • Important: Examination Language is German!

You want to prepare yourself for the examination? No problem! Thanks to new publications of literature in combination with a sound understanding of aeronautical context and lots of experience in operating multi copters this could work! Despite we still think that a sound preparation and training , ideally bundled with practical instructions would make most sense, especially if your need is to operate high end UAVs equipped with expensive payload the next day! We’d like to keep bad experiences from you!

Examination is handled by CONDOR Multicopter & Drones GmbH, (DE.AST.001) according to §21d LuftVO.

For choosing the date of examination, please send an email to: seminar@videographics.de

Important: At the day of your exam you need to present a valid Führungszeugnis, issued by your local authority in Germany.

For further information please call us under 49 (0) 8104 8889810, end us an email or just use our contact form! We are looking forward to see you!