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Take Off with RTF Drone-Mapping Systems – Highest Quality, Sustainability and Premium AIR6 SYSTEMS Service

  • professional, extra class multi-rotor drones 
  • maximum resilience at lowest weights > 90% high quality carbon fiber materials
  • KLAUPPK technology for most accurate center of image coordinate capture
  • pre-calibrated lenses and cameras
  • optimal sensor integration
  • individual solutions based on customer requirements
  • multi years availability of spare parts guaranteed
  • all systems available with full redundancy and able to be refitted
  • Made in EU

‘Better Safe Than Sorry’ –  Sustainable Quality and Safety

Klagenfurt (A) based AIR6 SYSTEMS GmbH is specialized in designing and manufacturing highest quality UAS. All multi rotor drones form AIR6 SYSTEMS are fulfilling the most demanding requirements with respect to safety, which are put on drones in order to be operated in any populated in Austria (AUSTRO CONTROL category C). Besides quality, general safety and the maintenance free design multicopters from AIR6 SYSTEMS are already equipped with the utmost sustainability in order to gain operational permission all  across Europe.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has already published the new European wide regulations for unmanned air traffic. Until mid 2020 every member state has to put this new ruling into national law, From this time on it is expected that there will be a significant cut back in operations of most current multi rotor drones. For example, in the so called “open category”  the minimum distances to any human being then will be 150 meters unless your drone weights below 900 grams. The current popular 5 kg limit is going to be replaced by a 4 kg limit. In this respect all professional mapping and surveying drones will need to be qualified for these missions most likely through an obligated SORA (specific operations risk assessment) expertise.

AIR6 SYSTEMS UAVs – Today Ready for Future!

All UAVS manufactured by AIR6 SYSTEMS are designed for customization and independent configuration, while their aircraft components and design is steady and well proven. With only one UAV you can handle quite diverse tasks and missions. Whether to use a high resolution RGB sensor for inspection and mapping, a multi spectral sensor for agricultural or forestry tasks, a radiometric IR thermal image sensor for building thermography or photovoltaic inspection etc.: with just a flick of the wrist your drone is ready for the next task! Based on the model chosen and the relevant payload capacity you can integrate a LIDAR sensor or fly with multiple sensors at once.

Open System and Data Protection, Guaranteed!

The authority on the data collected is always yours! No data upload “by mistake” into the net, nor that the system transfers data while the UAV acquires a firmware or safety update.


The AIR6 copter, called ‘Allrounder’ is a high end hexacopter, demonstrating a MTOW of below 5 kg including batteries, Gimbal and a Sony camera (A6000, 20mm). Just the KLAUPPK-add on “shoots” the weight a little bit above the 5.0kg border by about 150 grams. For the UAVs control a professional RC is used including a large 10″ FPV monitor. The mission planning, a central element of mapping utilizes the highly functional software ‘Ardupilot Mission-Planner’. As an alternative e.g. UgCS PRO can be easily integrated which offers additional features, e.g. the mapping of facades through vertically oriented waypoint missions.

Specification AIR6 – SURVEYOR

  • hexacopter (6 arms / 6 rotors)
  • construction material: > 90% Carbon Fiber Composite
  • KLAUPPK with integrated power supply
  • recommended RGB-sensor options: 24MP Sony Alpha 5100/ 6000/ 6300 with a calibrated 20 mm Sony lens / 43,6 MP Sony RX1RII with  Zeiss Sonnar T 35mm lens
  • integrated power supply for camera (based on camera’s prerequisite)
  • highly functional mission planning (waypoint-planning) with Mission Planner incl. Terrain – Follow – Option 
  • maximum take-off weight (MTOW): 6 kg
  • payload capacity up to 2 kg 
  • detachable landing gear
  • flight time up to 30 minutes (requires extended battery option)
  • operation temperature: -10 up to + 45 ° C
  • options: KLAUPPP – (Precise Point Positioning), full redundancy (also able to be easily retrofitted), flight time extension


‘Medium Lifter’ AIR8 has been designed as an coaxial octocopter, featuring 2 motor/propellers on each of the four arms (push-pull system) . The rotor arms and blades are foldable for easy and compact transportation. With a MTOW of 25 kgs the payload capacity is 10 kgs! Thanks to the new AIR6 SYSTEMS’ developed Li-Ion battery technology, flight times of up to 60 minutes can be achieved! Up to 1000 charging cycles, the capacity loss is negligible! Besides the already built-in full redundancy, the AIR8 is dust and water resistant and has an operating window even under harsh environmental conditions from -20°C up to +60°C. Operation, waypoint and mission planning is based on  the ARDUPilot Mission Planner, including an Android Tablet and is very functional yet comfortable!

Specification AIR8 – KLAUPPK

  • octocopter (4 arms / 8 rotors)
  • construction material: > 90% Carbon Fiber Composite
  • KLAUPPK with integrated power supply 
  • RGB-sensor options: 24MP Sony Alpha 5100/ 6000/ 6300 with calibrated 20 mm Sony lens, 43,6 MP Sony RX1RII with Zeiss Sonnar T 35mm Objektiv
  • integrated power supply for camera (based on camera’s prerequisite)
  • maximum take-off weight (MTOW): 25 kg
  • payload up to 10 kg
  • foldable / detachable arms
  • retractable landing gear
  • small transport dimensions, hard case for safe transport
  • flight time up to 60 minutes
  • 4 Li-Ion batteries featuring extended charging cycles (up to 1,000x charges)
  • robust in harsh environments: IP54 (dustproof and water repellent)
  • operating conditions: -20 up to + 60°C
  • options:  KLAUPPP – (Precise Point Positioning), RGB – PhaseOne sensors (50- 150 MP), LiDAR sensors etc.

Sustainable Solutions: Ready for Future

Together with our partner, AIR6 SYSTEMS GmbH in Klagenfurt we are convinced that the world’s most accurate GNSS based surveying and mapping system needs to be a synergy comprising precise positioning, high quality sensors and UAS platform in order to master the tasks reliable and economic – day in, day out. In order to rely on an asset over years, sustainability is a major requirement: Service and spare part availability once needed, as well as future orientation – especially under the premises of the announced change in EU regulation regarding unmanned aerial systems!

We Support Your Pilot Project

We achieve the accuracy we promise! For quite some time in thousands of projects worldwide the technology has been proven and in our projects customers hardly could belief what we achieved. We do not need to proof the technology and it’s capability again and again, however we offer to do a pilot project at favorable conditions. The post processing of images and coordinate data can either be done directly by the customer or we can also offer this part of the process. Additionally,  we provide professional user trainings, dedicated to GCP-free aerial mapping, where all aspects of the PPK-DG are covered in a three day practical oriented workshop.

We are ready for you!

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