3D PluraView and PULSARON Workstation

Professional Photogrammetric Data Processing with PULSARON Workstations and 3D PluraView Display Solutions from Schneider Digital

  • Professional workstations, tailored to the needs of photogrammetric data processing
  • PULSARON workstations offer highest performance and are easily scalable to also meet future requirements
  • Enjoy carefree working with the 3D PluraView stereo-display
  • 3D PluraView stereo technology is well integrated in Agisoft Metashape Pro!
  • Stealth 3D mouse for full Z-cursor control
  • Individual solutions, according to customer’s  request are easily possible

Professional Solutions for Professional Projects!

With the PluraView stereo monitors, the Miesbach (Germany) -based Schneider Digital, is the global leader for stereoscopic 3D-monitor solutions.

Not just the established “big names” in photogrammetry, such as ESRI, DAT/EM and Hexagon and their clients work with Schneider Digital PluraView monitors. Also Agisoft cooperates with Schneider Digital as a development partner for implementing ‘real-3D’ stereoscopic features in Metashape Professional.

Through partnering with Schneider Digital, Videographics support the 3D feature development and implementation in Agisoft Metashape Pro. Through our clients’ feedback, we test new features with our own projects, supporting rapid software development improvements. Our clients benefit from this know-how in our photogrammetry /Agisoft Metashape workshops, and through our specialized advice, when selecting the right software tools and hardware for their business.

Videographics now offers all hardware and software components individually, or combined into an entire, fully functional workflow chain, including training! Our workflow solutions start with flight planning (UgCS – Universal Ground Control Software), continue with the exact GNSS-image center determination of every single photo (KLAUPPK-systems and software), and post-flight cover everything you need for robust and reproducible photogrammetric data processing in Agisoft  Metashape Pro, using a PULSARON Workstation and the 3D PluraView Stereo Display.  We offer the solutions for convenient and efficient stereoscopic editing and measurements including training and coaching in one package – our experience included!

PULSARON Workstation 

The Scalable Solution

PULSARON Workstations are tailor-made hardware solutions for professional 3D-graphic requirements. Equipped with high-end AMD processors, the EPYC and Ryzen Threadripper CPU series, the PULSARON workstations are high-quality platforms for highly demanding, professional applications. The main focus for this platform is on a long-term, flexible and upgradable systems architecture, in order to provide maximum performance and value to the user.

PULSARON ProValue is the workstation series for companies working with CAD/CAM and GIS applications. With a powerful AMD processor and a mid-range Radeon or RadeonPro graphics card, they are designed to provide a smooth and efficient work environment. Thanks to the mainboard configuration, hard drive(s), RAM and graphic card, all components can be enhanced and upgraded at any time.

PULSARON Ultra workstations are the most powerful versions of the PULSARON family, including even more powerful multi-core AMD processors, up to two mainboards and multiple graphic cards, to meet highly demanding computation requirements, for instance for complex 3D industrial simulation and entire 3D city models from oblique, large-format camera systems.

3D PluraView Stereo Monitors

The High-End Stereo-3D Display, Ready for the Future

The size of a display is of significant importance to the user! Large display diagonals enhance your field of view, multiple stereo windows, apps and menus can be arranged side-by-side instead on top of – or overlapping each other. The screen environment improves substantially, stress and fatigue are being reduced. We also recommend using our specially-selected monoscopic side monitors ,to extend the usable screen space even further.

Displays using LCD shutter technology are less expensive, however the high-frequency shuttering of battery-powered LCD glasses puts strain on the operator’s eyes and results in rapid tiring. Due to the single-monitor and active LCD-glasses technology, images are relatively dark, requiring a darkened work environment to reduce ambient light.

In contrast, 3D-stereo displays using polarizing technology, offer brilliant image quality, as two monitors are used and passively polarized glasses separate the two stereo channels. Polarized glasses are way less expensive and much lighter, compared to the battery-powered LCD shutter type. Users with polarized glasses enjoy a fatigue-free work environment all day long.

The 3D PluraView from Schneider Digital is the advanced successor of the discontinued beamsplitter-series from PLANAR. Innovative and reliable technology is the key for precise, pixel-accurate stereoscopic image display with monitor resolutions up to 4K/UHD for all 3D stereo applications. The BlackTuner-Technology of the 3D PluraView supports users to safely determine objects even in dark areas of the image. Reaction times of only one millisecond removes any motion blurring effects.

The key for perfect 3D-stereo visualization in every professional application!

  • flicker-free for permanent, professional use
  • highest brightness, for normal, daylight office conditions
  • wide viewing angle, group viewing & interaction
  • highest resolution up to 4K/UHD (8,3 MPx per eye)
  • certified for Photogrammetry and GIS
  • Agisoft Metashape certified
  • functional design & highest quality – Made in Germany
  • 3D PluraView Video

Available display sizes and resolutions:

  • Stereo-monitor 3D PluraView Compact 22″ Full HD
  • Stereo-monitor 3D PluraView Impact 24″ Full HD 144Hz
  • Stereo-monitor 3D PluraView 27″ WQHD (2,5k)
  • Stereo-monitor 3D PluraView 28″ UHD (4K) M
  • Stereo-monitor VR PluraView 28″ UHD (4K) M Tracking

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