Testimonials – What our Customers Say

Andreas Uhl, Forestry Development and Research Institute Baden-Württemberg

Academy / KlauPPK

In forest areas it is often quite difficult to obtain accurate position information in X,Y and Z in order to compute geodetic precise orthomosaics and height models. Thanks to our recent investment in a DJI Phantom 4 with an adjacent KlauPPK for post processing accurate position data, our problem is solved for most of our cases.

Prior to the purchase I have taken the  „User Seminar Photogrammetry“ which was very eye opening, perfectly structured and has fulfilled all of our expectation. Besides the most helpful theoretical foundation, the entire workflow to compute most accurate orthomosaics and 3D-models has been demonstrated in depth and greatly supported our requirements. The practical exercise in the workshop has completely destroyed our remaining doubts regarding KLAUPPK. To make a long story short: This seminar is highly recommended.

The consulting part after the training and the subsequent purchase of a complete KLauPPK surveying UAS as well as the system briefing have been straight forward, focused and uncomplicated. Also, after the purchase Mr. Warislohner is always available for any questions and is a friendly and helpful resource, open for our needs and feedback.

After the first 6 months of operation with dozens of flights the system works flawless and we never experienced any problems worth mentioning. The promised accuracy of better 3 centimeters has always been achieved even in significant terrain and dense vegetation.

In summary we can claim without a doubt that investing in a KLAUPPK system has more than payed off already. Further more, buying the system from Videographics Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH has been a stroke of luck for us. (translated by SW)

Tobias Bernhardt, CEO ibeko-solar GmbH


We have hired VIDEOGRAPHICS in person of Mr. Warislohner to inspect a photovoltaics installation from one of our clients, where degrading power efficiency has subsequently required proof of evidence assuming potential warranty replacements by the module manufacturer.

As a consequence all the modules had to be inspected with a drone, equipped with a thermal imaging infrared camera.

Finding a suitable date for the job has been straight forward and easy.

I have been really impressed by the drone – it’s size and the technology it was equipped with, since we use drones in our company, too. Everyone who gets to see this drone, immediately realizes: this is not anything for anybody – this requires a professional operator like Mr. Warislohner.

The results from the measurements did come in just one day later – and not just this: Mr. Warislohner has generated  a complete analysis and recommendations of further actions.

All defect modules were recognizable on the first view of the received report- and just two weeks later they have been replaced by the manufacture without any question.

Since we have been able to get this excellent experience with Videographics, we have hired them for a number of projects – small as well as large installations – in the meantime. In the future Mr. Warislohner and his company Videographics will be our number one contact as soon as we have an inspection need using airborne thermal imaging.

Thanks to Mr. Warislohner!

(translated by SW)

Michael Bischoff, CEO Tech Industriedienstleistungen GmbH

Academy for Professionals / KlauPPK / Agisoft Metashape Professional

Our field of business is the accurate mapping and documentation of agricultural and forestry damage. After quite an odyssey on our way to achieve highly accurate mapping results as well as a structured and complete workflow, a business partner has brought Videographics’ Academy for ProfessionalsPrecise Mapping with Drones without the need of GCPs” to our attention. He has given us a strong recommendation to participate in the next workshop available. Until that point in time, we have invested in expensive UASs of the market leader, without being aware that their RTK system was designed for many applications but not for precise georeferencing and subsequent accurate mapping results. At the same time we also have participated in workshops of a leading photogrammetry software company in order to process image and UAS position data.

During the get together at the beginning of the workshop I already have been surprised most positively: There was a technology expert, Stefan Warislohner the CEO of Videographics Engineering, standing in front of us. He immediately gave me the impression that he was most interested to explain and show how photogrammetry works, what needs to be taken into account in order to achieve most accurate results possible: What works best with regard to hardware and software, explaining the “why” in an open minded and understandable way.

The three days went by on the fly and always have been in focus of the subject. All participants have been involved and upcoming questions have been answered right away. Besides the foundation of photogrammetry we had the chance to particpate in exercising the entire PPK-direct georeferencing workflow using  KLAUPPK, as well as the data has been processed with Agisoft Metashape Pro. With this one seminar, we have basically been in a composition of three individual workshops, perfectly adjacent to each other : Photogrammetry-Foundations, KLAUPPK Workflow and Agisoft Metashape Pro.

As a consequence we have acquired the KLAUPPK-Software special edition for our Phantom4RTK as well as an Agisoft Metashape Pro License from Videographics, including the respective after sales-support, after the workshop.

Finally, we are in the position, now, to achieve highly accurate mapping results with our UAS, operating the drone  in PPK mode with just very few GCPs. The three centimeter accuracy in X, Y and Z, promised by Videographics are our proven standard, now.

Concluding, I can state that our “Videographics Complete Package” comprising the workshop, KLAUPPK-Software for the DJI Phantom4RTK and Agisoft Metashape Pro has been quite a lucky punch. Academy as well as the company are very sound and highly reliable and mark the best of everything we have found so far in this market segment. Workshop as well as Videographics Engineering (Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH) are highly recommendable in really every aspect they offer! (translated by SW)

Dirk Janssen, Drone Mapping, Belgien

KLAUPPK, KLAU Gimbal for DJI M200 Series & Sony RXIRII, Academy for Professionals “UAS-Aerial Mapping-Photogrammetry” 

After a period of working with drones and testing the systems for photogrammetry, together with my brother in the surveying business, we wanted to expand our hardware with a RTK or PPK GNSS System.

We already had done a lot of searching in this field and when I got in contact with Mr. Warislohner from Videographics Engineering, I immediately felt his strong commitment and his understanding of what we were looking for.

Several phone calls later and after a visit to his Munich office, we decided to go forward with the KLAUPPK system and Videographics and additionally booked the three day course “Photogrammetry – UAS Aerial Surveying” which also included a KLAUPPK training.

Videographics’ after sale service has been excellent and Mr. Warislohner personally was easy to get in touch with at any time.

We are glad that we made a very good choice with our decision on the system and are very happy with the service provided by Stefan Warislohner personally.