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Hi, my name is Stefan Warislohner.
I am the founder and CEO of Videographics Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH.
Technology – or more specifically said, precision and the drive to understand technology and objects and make them visible and understandable to others has motivated me all my life. After my MS engineering degree I have spent most of my career with a global high tech company.

The challenges during the era of digitization in the context of the huge potential unmanned aerials systems (UAS) could provide for countless applications, made me leave my position as a site leader in the chemical industry in early 2016. My dedication since then is establishing a company providing world class tech drone services and drone systems to professional clients.

Equipped with decades of experience e.g. in remote IR temperature sensing and thermal imaging helped me to determine the most recent technology suitable for drone thermal imaging.

Photogrammetry, the generation of accurate 3-dimensional geometries based on (aerial) imagery becomes increasingly important in the context of digitization. While this technology already has been developed over 150 years ago, now the reduced effort thanks to high tech camera and computing systems combined with unprecedented accuracy achievable is the benchmark. Since starting up Videographics this area has my full attention and motivation! We have started to work globally with high tech partners like Australia based KLAU Geomatics or global drone and software partners in order to provide our customers with superior services and technologies. Besides developing and  sourcing technology to be used in our service portfolio we additional act as KLAU Geomatics technical hub in Europe. This enables us to not just provide services but also support professional surveyors with reliable top of the class aerial technology. Our customers and we generate surveys only from drone mapping without any additional surveying effort in the field with centimeter accuracy in all three dimensions.

Technology is important – this is why we utilize only most recent systems. But in addition academical base knowledge as well as high standards in daily operations and best available processing is key to achieve most reliable and accurate results. This is part of our service – complete and flawless.

From day one this was extremely important to me: Everything out of one hand! And regarding accuracy: Next Level Precision! This is the only way to achieve 3D model accuracies which are the highest possible without additional effort. We deliver millimeter accuracy including all auxiliary work needed all the way to the data export in the customer’s desired format!

Videographics Ingenieurgesellschaft features different drones which are optimized for their specific tasks and  missions, whether it’s a PPK-DG mapping project where no GCPs need to be placed, a thermal inspection of a photovoltaics power plant using a radiometric IR-sensor, or the inspection of wind turbine blades after a lightning storm. We can support live image transmissions to the ground station up to Full HD and without latency in real time. Thus we provide all the technology for our services with the highest expectations our customers may put on us!

Started in 2018, we now distribute KLAU Geomatics’ products and act as KLAU’s tech hub in Europe. Based on this cooperation and in partnering with a German drone manufacturer, we can provide full equipped aerial mapping systems featuring integrated KlauPPK technology and high end mission planning tools and is designed to fulfil high industry standards with regard to safety, functionality and sustainability. As a service provider we utilize those systems ourselves and support upstream development based on customer feedback and our own experiences.  Customers benefit from regional support and direct contact, within the central European time zone. Reliability and maximum competence: From the first contact through  operational questions out in the field or data processing.

We have established a network of competencies, which we continuously try to broaden and are successfully working together with renowned partners and companies in the fields of thermography, photovoltaics, geo-science and digitization, R&D, as well as leading UAV manufacturers.

The fast paced development especially in the field of precise aerial mapping requires in parts different workflows and working patterns in order to fully utilize this technology’s potential.  We have developed a workshop for newcomers in aerial mapping but also for professional surveyors which is dedicated to provide adequate background information and show our participants live the full process from mission planning, flying all the way through data processing. In addition to this full 3 day workshop, together with our cooperation partner CONDOR Multicopter & Drones GmbH,  we offer drone flying workshops (theory and practice) including the examination for the German “Kenntnisnachweis” acc. §21a LuftVO.

We are your partner. Our claim is to fulfill the needs of our customers and deliver quality results. As engineering firm we are passionate and have the technology for new challenges! Your challenge is our motivation for your satisfaction!

We are happy to discuss your options with you! Service, procurement of a mapping drone system or academy: I am looking forward to hearing or reading from you. Please call as at +49 (0)8104 888 98 10 , or use our Contact Form

Stefan Warislohner Videographics

Stefan Warislohner
VIDEOGRAPHICS Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH

We are Your Partner!