Luftbildvermessung, Drohnen-Thermographie Videographics

Our Services

Precise Aerial Mapping

Luftbildvermessung Videographics

Efficiency and Precision through Superior Technology and Know How

  • very high, absolute accuracy << 3 cm X Y Z
  • variable ground resolution (GSD) based on customer request <1- 3 cm
  • 3 x more accurate compared to RTK due to PPK correction data
  • no GCPs needed 
  • no need to hike the mapping area
  • maximum efficient 

Photovoltaics- Inspection

Photovoltaikanlagen Prüfung

Most efficient 100% inspection of  PV-power plant by thermal imaging drone

  • 100% test down to single cell level while running
  • roof top installations do not require scaffolds, disassembly  etc.
  • according to norms, based on VaTH-guideline
  • traceable results based on qualified thermographic reporting
  • classification of defects based on typical pattern

Airborne Thermography

Drohnen Thermografie Videographics

Fast and accurate detection of heat losses and  leaks

  • skilled and certified thermographers
  • according to norms
  • without extra effort (e.g. scaffold)
  • from a safe distance (e.g. explosive areas)
  • holistic detection
  • fast and uncomplicated
  • radiometric thermal camera for qualified analysis and reporting

Aerial Inspection

Inspektionsflüge, Drohnenflüge, Multicopter-Flüge

Maximum Detail at Most Reasonable Effort for Your Decision

  • quickly available
  • comparably low cost
  • real time imagery on ground with FullHD-transmission
  • up to 36 MP/image*)
  • millimeter resolution
  • no additional effort (e.g. scaffold, industrial climbers)
  • easy documentation of changes through repeated flights

Ecological Pest Suppression

Technology is our Commitment – Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

  • Useful animals (Trichogramma) versus pesticides
  • without running over your corn fields – no crop damage
  • fast and safe delivery on the spot
  • two treatments within approximately 2-3 weeks!
  • in cooperation with Maschinenring