Luftbildvermessung, Drohnen-Thermographie Videographics

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Precise Aerial Mapping

Luftbildvermessung Videographics

Efficiency and Precision through Superior Technology and Know How

  • very high, absolute accuracy – better 3 cm X Y Z
  • variable ground resolution (GSD) based on customer request <1- 3 cm
  • 3 x more accurate compared to RTK due to PPK correction data
  • no GCPs needed 
  • no need to hike the mapping area
  • maximum efficient 

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), in particular multi rotor drones equipped with a highly precise positioning system and combined with high resolution, metric and calibrated camera systems enable….

Photovoltaics- Inspection

Photovoltaikanlagen Prüfung

Most efficient 100% inspection of  PV-power plant by thermal imaging drone

  • 100% test down to single cell level while running
  • roof top installations do not require scaffolds, disassembly  etc.
  • according to norms, based on VaTH-guideline
  • traceable results based on qualified thermographic reporting
  • classification of defects based on typical pattern

Inspecting photovoltaics by applying electrical measurements is very demanding and extremely time consuming. Inspecting roof mount PV-generators…

Airborne Thermography

Drohnen Thermografie Videographics

Fast and accurate detection of heat losses and  leaks

  • skilled and certified thermographers
  • according to norms
  • without extra effort (e.g. scaffold)
  • from a safe distance (e.g. explosion control zones)
  • holistic detection
  • fast and uncomplicated
  • radiometric thermal camera for qualified analysis and reporting

Search for leaks and heat losses in buildings, leak detection of pipelines, or regular inspection of long distance heat lines below the road’s surface are a few use cases enabled by the professional use of an IR thermal  camera….

Aerial Inspection

Inspektionsflüge, Drohnenflüge, Multicopter-Flüge

Maximum Detail at Most Reasonable Effort for Your Decision

  • quickly available
  • comparably low cost
  • real time imagery on ground with FullHD-transmission
  • up to 36 MP/image*)
  • millimeter resolution
  • no additional effort (e.g. scaffold, industrial climbers)
  • easy documentation of changes through repeated flights

High cost and significant effort: This is what maintenance teams, project leaders  and  developers and real estate managers have to expect as it comes to inspection and  appraisal of constructions which are hard to access.  Especially…

Ecological Pest Suppression

Maiszünsler Bekämpfung

Technology is our Commitment – Environmental Responsibility and Sustainability

  • Useful animals (Trichogramma) versus pesticides
  • without running over your corn fields – no crop damage
  • fast and safe delivery on the spot
  • two treatments within approximately 2-3 weeks!
  • in cooperation with Maschinenring

Corn is not just an important animal feed but already an important regenerative and sustainable energy carrier used in Bio-Methane power plants. But besides farmers and energy producers a little unimpressive moth – the so-called corn borer likes corn, too. And it is not just a little butterfly (Ger.: Maiszünsler) but…