Seminare Drohnenführerschein Photogrammetrie

Academy – Classes for Professionals

Applied Photogrammetry

Seminare Drohnenführerschein Photogrammetrie

Achieving Centimeter Accuracy in Aerial Mapping with PPK – Direct-Georeferencing:

From flight planning to the final photogrammetric result!

Join and participate to see the entire workflow of aerial drone mapping:

  • photogrammetric flight planning with DJI Ground Station pro, Universal Ground Control Station (UgCS) and/or Ardu-Pilot Mission Planner
  • flight with KLAUPPK equipped drone at a real test area (depends on timing and weather)
  • KlauPPK workflow for real direct geo referencing utilizing VRS reference data (SAPOS-GPPS)
  • photogrammetric data processing using Agisoft Metashape PRO

UAV Theory and Operation

Seminare Drohnenführerschein Photogrammetrie

Successful Missions and Safe Landings

  • Preparation (theory class) for “Kenntnisnachweis” examination
  • Examination “Kenntnisnachweis” at the end of the second day
  • practical advice for different flights and missions
  • UAV Pilot Training 
  • Practice of emergency scenarios (GPS failure, loss of FPV-signal…)

Mastering through practise. This is also very true for safe and reliable operation of an unmanned aerial system (UAS). Especially in a hectic, stressful situation a cool head is needed to safely land your valuable working equipment to land safely at your home position: This is our claim which we want to get to you in this workshop.

German Drone Operator License

Drone Operator License: Examination for the German “Kenntnisnachweis” according §21a LuftVO

  • legally required since 2017-10-01 for any UAS heavier than 2kg MTOW
  • prerequisite for any application for an operating permit – independent from the drone’s MTOW
  • duration of the exam: 90 minutes
  • 51 questions concerning: aerial legislation/air space structure, meteorology, operations and navigation
  • multiple choice
  • for any section 75% of the answers have to be accurate
  • exam is handled by CONDOR Multicopter & Drones GmbH
  • Important: Examination language is German!