Airborne Mapping and Surveying Systems


Producing Highest Accuracy Results with Maximum Efficiency

  • geo referencing without GCPs (ground control points)
  • independent of GSM-LTE availability
  • PPK-technology for highest precision
  • 3x more accurate then RTK-systems
  • correction data  via CORS / VRS or own base station (GNSS rover)
  • professionell premium hardware
  • advanced and sophisticated PPK-software
  • UAV-independent

The currently most accurate PPK geo referencing system, which can be utilized with a variety  of UAVs (drones) and calibrated cameras / lenses of leading manufacturers without a big deal of installation:

Electronics of the UAV as well as waypoint software / procedures stay completely untouched! Adoption of the system, besides some minor payload weight increase does not effect the flight system. The drone navigation will continue the use of it’s inbuilt GPS/GNSS system as well as the used-to mission planning tools.


KLAUPPK, KLAUPPP Vermessungssysteme

Forget about Ground Control Points and Surveying Troops!

  • absolute accuracy: better than 3 cm
  • no GCPs
  • Integrated System: GNSS-Technology, methodology and software
  • GNSS receiver from technology leader NovAtel
  • UAV-independent
  • KLAU 2-way active gimbal for DJIs M200-series enables the use of Sony cameras
  • virtual reference station (VRS) or use own base station (rover)
  • reference data in RINEX format
  • KLAUPPK software with DJI Phantom4 RTK compatible
  • support of multi cameras / lenses
  • coordinate transformation into a all available global national custom CRS  
  • KLAUPPP-prime technology for most precise mapping world wide without reference station
  • regional (EU) support for best results

The key to accuracy in any mapping or 3D modelling project is control. This can be either GCPs (ground

3D PluraView and PULSARON

Inspiring, Efficient, Productiv!
3D PluraView Display Solutions

  • professional workstations, tailored to the needs of photogrammetric data processing
  • PULSARON workstations offer highest performance and are easily scalable to also meet future requirements
  • enjoy carefree working with the 3D PluraView stereo-display
  • 3D Plura View stereo technology is well integrated in Agisoft Metashape Pro without any additional needs!
  • optional simplified editing through Stealth-Mouse in 3D-stereo mode
  • individual solutions, according to customer’s  request are easily possible

Professional Solutions for professional projects!

Miesbach (Germany) based Schneider Digital, is the world leader for digital stereoscopic 3D solutions in many industries and branches for a few decades.

Not just only the “real big” in photogrammetry like …

Photogrammetry Software

Photorammetrie Software Videographics

AGISOFT METASHAPE 1.6 intuitive – precise – complete

  • highly accurate and detailed results
  • fully automated intuitive workflow
  • GPU  acceleration for faster results
  • stereoscopic measurements for precise point determination 
  • integrate LiDAR workflows via point cloud import
  • export resulting products in a variety of common formats
  • aerial and near field photogrammetric triangulation 
  • step by step camera alignment
  • dense point cloud computation and automatic  point classification
  • geo referencing via GNSS log data or GCPs
  • we will get you up to speed with personal support

Node lock License:

Standard Edition:  175 € (excl. VAT) Professional Edition: 3.250 € (excl. VAT) please contact us for further license options!

Agisoft METASHAPE  is an autonomous software product for rigorous photogrammetric processing of digital image data and generates spatial 3D data for use in geo-information systems, documentation in monument protection, visual effect productions as well as for remote measurement of objects regardless of…

Mission Planning Software

Luftbildvermessung Videographics

Get More out of Your Drone with Universal Ground Control Station – UgCS

  • outstanding functionality
  • UgCS-for DJI: Android based mission planner
  • supports most UAVs and Autopilot-systems
  • broad way point options
  • New! way point functionality to survey facades, vertical flight planes
  • One mission planning tool for your entire fleet
  • UgCS PRO is a part of our user workshop “Applied Photogrammetry”
  • personal after sales support through us
  • multiple license options starting at 62 € (excl. VAT)

Flight planning software and ground station UgCS PRO excels through it’s versatility and options. If you use the the system as ground station with a separate data link and the RC, the system already is a fully redundant remote control system. Manual take over through the RC to gain full manual control is possible within a fraction of a second.

Import of elevation data  allows to plan contour flights in order to maintain a certain altitude above ground (AGL). This is indispensable for UAV missions for photogrammetric, LiDAR, Magnetometer measurements etc. …