Aerial Mapping and Surveying Systems


Surveying Drone with KlauPPK/PPP

  • tailored to the needs of aerial surveyors
  • coaxial-octocopter for increased flight safety
  • long flight times 
  • CFC-monocoque chassis
  • dual Smart Battery Pack 
  • integrated KlauPPK / KlauPPP DG-system
  • Made in Germany


Highest Accuracy and Efficiency

  • no GCPs (ground control points)
  • independent of GSM-LTE availability
  • PPK-technology for highest precision
  • 3x more accurate then RTK-systems
  • professionell premium hardware
  • advanced and sophisticated PPK-software
  • UAV-independent

KlauPPK and KlauPPP Systems

No GCPs, highest possible Accuracy

  • absolute accuracy: << 3 cm
  • UAV-independent
  • Klau 2-way active gimbal for DJIs M200/M300-series for Sony cameras
  • reference data in RINEX format
  • KlauPPK software available for DJI RTK systems
  • KlauPPP: no base station, works worldwide

3D PluraView and PULSARON

Inspiring, Efficient, Productiv!
3D PluraView Display Solutions

  • professional workstations, tailored to the needs of photogrammetric data processing
  • PULSARON workstations offer highest performance and are easily scalable to also meet future requirements
  • enjoy carefree working with the 3D PluraView stereo-display
  • 3D Plura View stereo technology is well integrated in Agisoft Metashape Pro without any additional needs!
  • optional simplified editing through Stealth-Mouse in 3D-stereo mode
  • individual solutions, according to customer’s  request are easily possible

Agisoft Photogrammetrie Software

Photorammetrie Software Videographics

intuitive / precise / complete

  • highly accurate and detailed results
  • fully automated intuitive workflow
  • GPU  acceleration for faster results
  • stereoscopic measurements for precise point determination 
  • integrate LiDAR workflows via point cloud import
  • export resulting products in a variety of common formats
  • aerial and near field photogrammetric triangulation 
  • step by step camera alignment
  • dense point cloud computation and automatic  point classification
  • geo referencing via GNSS log data or GCPs
  • we will get you up to speed with personal support

UgCS Mission Planning Software

Luftbildvermessung Videographics

Get More out of Your Drone
Universal Ground Control Software

  • outstanding functionality
  • UgCS-for DJI: Android based mission planner
  • supports most UAVs and Autopilot-systems
  • broad way-point options
  • New! way point functionality to survey facades, vertical flight planes
  • One mission planning tool for your entire fleet
  • UgCS PRO is a part of our user workshop “Applied Photogrammetry”
  • personal after sales support through us
  • multiple license options available